Jakub Klapka

Web Developer

Dovednosti: HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, AJAX, Wordpress

My (real one) developer road started similarly to lots of others programmers. (the unreal one started in age of 14 here.) During college there were enough time to get some part-time jobs, but I wanted little bit more than move things in storage house. So I started to play with web programming and for few years I did this mostly as voluntary projects for people I know. But one of my personal characteristics is that I dig unreasonably deep in learning things before I do them. That is why I recently fall into blogs of best web developers in the world and I started to learn all the new programming techniques. I was fascinated by the new frontend stuff, which was quickly followed by Javascript and lastly I’ve also started to learn WordPress and participate in community around it.

After a while, I’ve looked around and was kinda surprised. For example I’ve discovered, that there is so little people in our country, how ever heard of Responsive webdesign or can make one. Now I’m finishing college and I’m trying to lead a way by doing high quality work and using most current techniques. This is direction, I want to stick with, but only time will show, if that was a good idea.

Břetislav Horák

UI/UX/Graphic Designer

Dovednosti: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

My adventure begun in 2008 when I signed up for design creation of our own first website. Since than quite a lot of pixels moved across our screens. I had opportunities to create stock graphics and photos, documentation of proms, administration of my own websites a more smaller things which are related to these jobs. At the end I realized that web and graphic design is right choice for me.